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Who we are

We are Richard and Lyn, we are The English Caravan Company.
Between us we have over 50 years experience working in design and build with timber, metal, plastics and fabrics. We have completed the National Caravan Council training courses and subsequently qualify for The Approved Workshop Scheme.

We both share a drive and energy for the caravans we create: We care about what we do, we care about the people we work with and we care very much about the whole process, building something that will, with a little attention, last a lifetime. The world of The English Caravan Company isn’t just about the caravans and campers we produce, it’s about the people too. Whether that’s sharing with our customers the process of a new build or the journey of a refurbishment, the stories and tales associated with every project are very special.
It’s always an absolute privilege to share the memories of some of these classic vintage English caravans: to listen to the stories of where they’ve been, who their owners are and what journeys and lives they’ve had. And it doesn’t end there; we love to hear all about our completed projects and to learn about their journeys once they leave us.
It’s an amazing and colourful lifestyle, it’s not, and never will be, just about the work!
If you’d like to hear more about our world, please check out our blog.