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What we do

What started out as a desire to build Teardrop caravans has turned, progressed, naturally, into a world of refurbishment of ol’ girls. Ol’ girls as in vintage English caravans, some as old as 60 years plus. Some have arrived in our workshop barely hanging onto their chassis.
We’ve re built many.

We can and have also converted these old English caravans into commercial catering units and for many other uses: charity work and fundraising, counselling services, photo booths,

hair dressing and beauty parlours, dog grooming, temporary mobile homeless shelters, mobile drinks bars, Punch and Judy puppet shows, mobile cinemas and Air B&B. We’ve even built a mobile art gallery. The possibilities are almost infinite!

We love to travel in our own converted camper van, meeting people often in the hope of saving and rescuing a caravan. Travelling within the UK and throughout Europe

to meet prospective customers, hoping to be involved in their caravan-related projects and businesses. One of our Teardrops is now residing in Australia, another in Germany.

This restoration and refurbishment of vintage caravans has created a fascinating and rainbow-coloured world of caravans and their owners. The stories we could tell. See our new blog!