Teardrops in stark contrast


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Catering conversions

There has been an explosion of interest in the British street food industry in recent years: the new generation of street food vendors are looking for eye-catching, interesting and alternative vehicles for their units. We are proud and excited to be a part of this new golden age of street food. We are also proud to be associated with Streetzine and NCASS, they are available for professional and in depth advice and help with all issues relating to mobile catering and street food. We can convert, alter, adjust, refit and adapt almost any vehicle to be used as a mobiler.

‘Vintage Dotty’ was a full refit, using a Sprite as a donor vehicle; she is very popular and very successful.

We were also asked to fit a genuine clay wood burning pizza oven into one of our Classic Teardrops. Appropriately named ‘Tinderbox’, this went onto win Best Looking Mobiler in the British Street Food Awards in London in September 2013.

‘Fruity Beauties’ was the name for another of our conversions, formally a Sprite caravan, she is now very distinctive!

Then there‚Äôs another conversion using a Sprite ‘Mavis’ is used as a coffee, cup cake and tearoom mobiler.

‘Mypie’ was fitted with a new serving hatch.

‘Retro Alfresco’ also used one our Classic Teardrops and ‘Belle’ is used at various venues as the central feature for the very finest countryside dining, weddings and special party events. The owners have made this Classic Teardrop look beautiful and their camera work is second to none.

If you have a vehicle you are considering for use as a mobiler please do give us a call, we’d love to help.