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Vintage Replica

A few years ago we completed a full replica build of a 1970s caravan so we now have the experience, skill and knowledge to be able to build brand new caravans in the style of classic vintage caravans.

In our joinery shop, on the bench, hand crafted using traditional joinery skills, knee deep in shavings and sawdust;

we have built an identical classic caravan from the 70s. Same shape, same size, same style but with modern, better-performing materials and adhesives and sealants. This too was built on a new, fully braked, stronger and fully galvanised chassis. The whole new, checked and approved by the DVSA (formally VOSA) authority IVA test for Type Approval and certificates of approval and conformity are supplied so it’s safe and legal for the road.
We have various caravan patterns and templates available, for example, Sprite Cadet 10, Sprite Alpine, Knowsley and Carlite Safari.
If you have plans or ideas for a new, replica vintage style, caravan, please contact us, we would love to help.

We’ve come to realise that insurance for vintage and refurbished caravans is sometimes difficult to find. In many cases insurance companies cannot quote for caravans that are over 25 years old. We have sourced Adrian Flux who can often help. Contact them on 0800 369 8590 and quote reference ‘TECC’.